Karus (CAR-us) is a deity-like and very powerful mob that has been told to hold more power than the Rulers. Her species, location, or other names are not comfirmed. She has power over lunar-related matters (the moon) and many other things. She is not a goddess, yet her powers come close to the Greek's mythilogical deities. She is nearly immortal. She is Angelic and is good friends with most other angelic deities.


Karus uses her powers purely for good. She is quite wise, and only lends help when direly needed. If a hero/heroine can defeat an enemy or army on their own, then she does not come. She can shapeshift so that she looks exactly like the mob, and is able to fool anybody, even Rholn and Reanpe. There is no way to tell if an animal/monster could be Karus without the use of very powerful Derikan capabilities. Karus can kill many types of beasts without even moving, or make things grow with her mind. She appears to wear golden armour, but it is really a type of lunar armour that deflects nearly every type of attack.


  • Despite being an angelic mob, her name means "disgrace" in Yxin.

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