The Keeper of The Erased is one of the keepers. He is both angelic and demonic. In the actual minecraft world, the player will see him, but not talk to him unless a special task is achieved. The KTE appears to look like a cross between a dragon and a Tdul. This keeper is very knowledgable of beings and people who are deceased, erased from time, or trapped in a seperate dimension. To talk to him, you need to talk to Rholn, and kill a Keeper. The location the player must be is inside The Pits of The Paradox.


Player: Weird things have been happening... I wonder what that creature meant by being a 'keeper'.

  • A growling Tdul is heard*

Player: *Takes blade out*

Player: Where is it?..

Voice: Fear not, for I am The Keeper of the Erased.

Player: Did it just drop 10 degrees?

KTE: Yes... Sorry. Its an effect of me being here.

Player: Are you going to kill me, or what?

KTE: Why should I? You have a great future ahead of you. You will free us from the The Tdulian Shadows.

Player: Ive already killed a few of those...

KTE: No. Those were only followers of the one.

Raspy voice: Followers of the one, you say? There are many 'ones'. Which 'one' is this?

KTE: I dare not speak his name. It would cause total apocolypse.

Player: Whos this?...

Raspy voice: I am a follower of Haskoradom. He has awoken from his great slumber.

KTE: These are grave tidings. First the rise of the Tdulian Shadows, and now Haskoradom has reawoken.

  • A creatue constantly changing form steps out*

Raspy voice: Haskoradom will rule!

  • The creature vanishes*

Player: I must ask a question, though...

KTE: What is it?...

Player: Who is Ecuram Ferata?

  • The KTE is silent for a moment, but then talks*

KTE: He is a warrior of Amaros.

  • The KTE flies away, leaving the player alone*

Player: Amaros?... Ive heard that name before...


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