"You are no Match for the Creepes, Herobrinians are losers, Since they are Bullies and Snoozers!"

-Blooper the Blue rehearsing King Creeps' line.
King Creeps

King Creeps' Soul

King Creepto Creeps was known as the first Creeper and Creeper hero to born on Planet Kreepton. He was the first National Hero and King. He was created by Notch. His nemesis are Herobrinians. He was married in 500 AD to Kareepa Creepnad Creeps (the fifth Creeper to be Born).


King Creepton was the First Creeper on Planet Creepton to be borned. He married the fifth Creeper to be borned who was the first Female Creeper to be borned. He became a king because he was the first Creeper ever borned and save his planet. Creepto killed the first Herobrinian Creeper and saved his planet. Creepto and Kareepa started to increase the population with Creepers up to today.


He was killed by The Leether Dragon in 600 AD. After he was farming and wishing his children luck for exams he was damaged with a headbutt. His Grave is still in Planet Kreepton up to present time. 


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