King ende

King Ende

This mob is a Member of The Rulers.

Ruler Name

Ruler Ende

King Ende (pronounced END-ay) was first to come to The End, naming his species and dimension after himself. His many refferences title him with one of the Rulers, which also gives him the worldwide term Ruler Ende.

Some conspiracy theorists think that King Ende originally came from an Oblivion Timeline (possibly the same one as Raptis'), but had his whole timeline swapped out with his normal one in order to bring him into existence by an infamous gang of Oblivion Creepers.

Myths + Legends

Ruler Ende, according to fables, wore gold charms, a golden crown, and a monocle. He was very large, about three times the size of the present-day Ender Dragon. He can fly for 39 days, but was mistaken as an enemy much later and slain, giving rise to the current term Ender Dragon, definition "Ende's Reptile".

History (Legend Of Ende)

King Ende was a fair and just ruler of his era. His magnificent size and authority helped keep his world in balance. His life was lived in luxury of the finest by far, encased with golden bracelets and a royal crown. No one argued or challenged his decisions once made. He was very clever and had a bold sence of justice, raining down punishment on those who commited the unruliest of crimes.

However, one man named Burk living in a far different world seeked adventure and treasure, and he discovered the portal to Kind Ende's dimension. His curiosity drug him onwards and he landed right in front of Kind Ende's platinum throne.

"A visitor? Does thou have thy permission to come?" Kind Ende challenged Burk, knowing that this was a creature far beyond his understanding and knowledge, a creature that would be able to explain its presence. Burk, equipped with his sword, charged at the king instead and slayed the great dragon. However, instead of receiving treasure, Burk was attacked by King Ende's former Black Guardians and was killed in a sence of justice.

King Ende's abscence was noticed by the former Rulers, as he was their natural leader in making desicions. Ruler Raptis was the first to acknoledge his tragic death, and word spread around quickly among the uneasy Rulers.

"Somethig shalt be done to thy evil, corrupt beast!" Ruler Raptis had exclaimed to the other Rulers. "Ende was our leader!"

The other Rulers announced to Ende's peasents and knights that in honor of their great king, his dimension would be called The End, along with his children they were to be called Ender Dragons and the Black Guardians Endermen. No one to this day has forgotten Ruler Ende's great deeds or his leadership to the Rulers, who was passed on to Ruler Hero.

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