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Note: 'This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction

"You have gone to far Goldbeak! This ends now!"

- Kreepah to Hector Goldstache

Kreepah is an original creeper and the Main Protagonist in the Kreepah and Friends series. He is a generous, friendly and a creeper of justice. His arch-nemisis is Israphel, Herobrine, Hector Goldstache and Mr. Negative


Kreepah has many friends. They are Golden CreeperCreepa Knight, Blooper the Blue, Cyclop Creeper, Creeptune, Iceillma and strangers. He is a skillful Creeper, Lifesaver and a trusted friend. He has perseverance (*meaning: never give up*) and many friends. His wife is Rainbow, a Rainbow Creeper. He has a creeperling with her named Kreepo, a male.


  • He is a Green Creeper. 
  • As protagonist, he'll appear in all his stories and comics


Kreepah Creepandre Creeperson was born on Planet Kreepton. It is unknown when he was born. He became an orphan when he was 15 years old because Israphel and Excreepinator killed them. He is the only creeper who didn't fear cats since the age of 18.


Overraged Kreepah

Overraged Kreepeh! Super Saiyan?

Kreepah is overraged when he is very angry and wants to defeat a villian. He is like Goku and the Saiyans transforming to super saiyan but instead Kreepah just turns Cactus Green with Red Eyes. He then uses s giant Fire Charge (similar to the Spirit Bomb) and blasts it on the crook. 

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