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Kreepah and Friends: The Legend of the Centipedes
 is the fourth comic created by User:RedFurnace. It is about a creeper named Kreepah, adopts an Obsidian Dragon named Onyx. He was chasen by Ghost Creepers and he went in a minecart and fell into the Water in the Ravine.



Kreepah was chasen by Ghost Creepers then he jumped in a Minecart and fell in a Ravine. He Splashed into the Water and spot a Glowing Dragon Egg. When he saw it hatched he was amazed. Steve then came to meet him and they both introduced themselves. After that, The baby Obsidian Dragon flew around Kreepah and called him, "Mama". Kreepeah adopted that Dragon and named it, Onyx, which is a black gemstone. Later that day Kreepah seized him to kill the monsterous Creepers and they became happy, until a Mysterious Dragon Humanoid came by. Kreepah said to him, "Who the Planks are you? a Demon?", He Replied," I am not a Demon, though I am evil, but I'm a Dragon, The Leether Dragon!!! I can kill you with one Thunderball". He shot it at steve and made it shocked and killed him. Steve told him to leave without him.

Kreepah went home sadly and day after day he took care of Onyx till he grew big. Kreepah buried Steve and began to cry. Two brothers, Hector Stephenson and Antonio Stephenson came to him and asked him what's the matter. They told him that he was friend of him. They started introducing themselves and plotting to defeat Leether Dragon. They were reafy to kill the Leether Dragon who then offended them. Kreepah stabbed him with his sword causing him to change to his second Form. He used his Energy Wave and hit Antonio. Hector was so angry that he went infront of Leether Dragon, who then spit fire in his face, and stab him.

Then hail Leether Dragon, in his final form as a Three-Headed Dragon. When he transformed everyone there around him (except Antonio) became naked (Hector only appeared in his underwear). Hector gave Kreepah his number then ran away with Antonio. Leether said to Kreepah," Well, well, well I guess it's just you and me Young Kreepah". Onyx sacrificed himself to save Kreepah by fighting Leether Dragon. Leether Dragon killed Onyx which made Kreepah cried. Kreepah became overraged and killed Leether Dragon and as usual, everything becomes normal, Even Antonio was healed, and They invited Kreepah to their house. 


[1]Chase of the Ghosts [2]Birth of a Dragon [3]When Kreepah met Steve [4]Death of Steve [5]Drago Days [6]The Brothers and a Kreepah [7]Strike at the Dragon [8]Transformation of the Evil Dragon [9]Dragon Mishap [10]New Dragon Transformation [11]Death of a Best Friend [12] Overraged Kreepah


  • This the first Kreepah comic that the other creepers didn't appeared.

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