Note: This doesn't exist, it's only fiction

Creeper - Copy (10)
Planet Kreepton is a Planet where all kinds of creepers live.



In the prehistoric period (500,000 B.C) in a universe named Creepy Zone, Kreepton, the first planet in that universe (the others are Khuton, Juniow and Inckia) is a planet filled with Creepers. There were cats sent on that planet which killed many Creepers and is now today that the Creepers feared them. The only creeper today that does not fear Cats is Kreepah


  • It is like Earth but with Creepers and the Sky is Turquoise instead of blue.
  • There are 2 moons and one Sun.
  • The Continents are based on the ones in planet earth; East America is North America, West America is South America, Eucreep is Europe, Reston is Asia, Creeptopia is Africa, Auscreepia is Australia and Antarticreep is Antartica.

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