Krotocom (pronounced: KRO-TO-COM) is a dangerous galaxy with a black hole often called Drakeu in the center of it. Although most of the stars in the galaxy are dead, few are alive and some have a planetary system. Additionaly, there are two sides- an alive side and a dead side. The alive side is the side with alive stars and planets. However, the dead side doesnt have alive stars and is full of a bunch of dwarf stars (dead stars) and miniature black holes. It is rumored that on the dead side there is a dangerous and powerful being known as The Black Shadow.

Beginning on 6-7-14, scientists have been reporting that large amounts of matter in the galaxy are mysteriously vanishing.



(pronounced: dah-ZHA)

Daje is the largest and uppermost sub-galaxy in Krotocom. Daje has a confirmed 5 planets but many think there are more to discover.



(pronounced: WRE) Wrea is the largest planet in the Daje planetary system. It is 0.98 of the size of earth.


(pronounced: A-yet)

Ayt is the smallest planet in the sub-galaxy Daje. Even though it is the smallest, it has the most planetary dimensions in all of Krotocom. It is 0.33% of the size of earth.


(pronounced: er-OLK)

Erolk is the second smallest planet, being only half the size of earth. It has no atmosphere.


(pronounced: A-ra-heck)

The most dangerous planet in all of Krotocom.


(pronounced: ME-zha)

Meja is the least explored planet, it having no atmosphere and several dangers.

Other Celelstial Bodies:


Raka is the fiery black hole of the Daje planet system.


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