Kurn is an undersized planet located at Thjen in the Vergo Star System.


Kurn is only about half the size of Earth. Despite it's similarities at first glance, Kurn's "grass" is actually green soil, dust, and rocks that are unable to support life because it's star, Tessal, does not output enough heat and it is too close to the celestial body. What appears to be water is actually a gaslike poison that floats around the atmosphereless planet. Since Kurn has no atmosphere, the gas often floats off into space.

Kurn has no moons. Neither do the rest of the planets in Vergo, or any nearby star systems. Kurn is about 30k miles from Tessal. Nobody knows how the little planet is able to be so close to its star without simply burning up.


Kurn, via exploration, has absolutely no life on it. Not even bacteria has been able to survive on it. Because it's conditions are so extreme, exploration on the planet surface was difficult. Caves, sudden drops in altitude, and holes were common on the surface.

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