Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

Laborious Creepers are what players call "lone, starving mobs"
Laborious creeper

A Laborious Creeper. Notice the scars, visible ribs, and thin body.

that are too weak to defend themselves, others, and having drasticly slow movement and very low health, with the added diability to self-destruct. They have thin bodies and scars dotting their skin and are usually blue. They have to work hard to stay alive due to their fatal conditions.


Laborious Creepers sprint away from anything that approaches them within a 16-block radius, including passive animals like Cows and Sheep. Hostile mobs will be caught attacking Laborious Creepers sometimes. They only have 7 health (3 1/2 hearts) and are twice as slow as normal creepers. They make down-pitched creeper hisses as idle sounds and tend to be very noisy.


Laborious Creepers are found litteraly anywhere at any time and do not despawn unless the player is far away. For every 6x6 flat block area, there is a 34% chance that a Laborious Creeper will be found.

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