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Lava Creepers are Hostile Creepers with Lava Skin that explodes and sprouts out lava. They are mainly found in the Nether. 


Lava Creepers swims in lava and kill Ghasts. They are cousins of Fire CreepersMagma CreepersNether Creepers, Red Head Creepers and Flame-Backed Creepers and are also found in Volcano Biomes. Lava Creepers have a mixture of speed and strength on their behalf of combat; They will ignite their legs and swing the fires at enemies when in a melee range. They have sharp eyesight and hearing to pinpoint miners and other things and have a fireball-range roughly as long as a Blaze that will likely be attracted to Players. They will explode when given the chance when near defeat, and their explosions are much more devastating than an ordinary Creeper; about twice as deep and wide leaving a Lava Flood. When Killed they drop one Lava Bucket and rarely, a Red Fire.


There are only two habitats it lives in, They are the Volcano Biome and The Nether.


  • Their eye pupils have different colors, the left pupil is Yellow and the right pupil is Red.


  • Wear Iron (or higher level) Armour and carry along some Bucket of Water or Iron Swords (or higher level). There weakness is water.
  • Two hits with the Diamond Sword can kill it.
  • Splash potion of Poison and Harming can kill it.
  • Bow and Arrow, Wooden Swords, Golden Swords and Stone Swords are to weak for them.

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