Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.


Leether Creeper (And Charged!!!)

Leether Creepers are neutral Creepers found in Leethers. They are just like other creepers but faster, stronger and smarter. These creepers are 3x stronger and healthier than Possible Creeper. They are very rare in the BlackDown dimension.


Leether Creepers are neutral Creepers so when hit, they will slowly walk to you and blow you up. They are like the Possible Creeper but stronger. At Days they are found on Mountains. In the BlackDown dimension, they are Hostiles. When killed, they drop 1 Glowstone Dust and 2 Diamonds. 


  • They are easy to kill.
  • You can kill them 1 time with a Diamond Sword or Iron Hammer.


  • They are easy to be spotted.
  • They are very Dangerous


When shocked by lightning, they are crazy and charged. When exploded it is 5x bigger than its normal explosion.


  • Always carry a Diamond Sword or an Iron Hammer with you wherever they are. 
  • Walk with any Armour (especially Iron)

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