Dragon Boss

Leether Dragon in his humanoid Form

" I am not a Demon, though I am evil, but I'm a Dragon, The Leether Dragon!!! I can kill you with one Thunderball"

-The Leether Dragon to Kreepah before killing Steve.

The Leether Dragon is a Dragon Humanoid borned in Leethers who borned before Blue Thunder and King Creeps. He is very powerful like a Herobrinian. He appeared only in Kreepah and Friends: The Birth of the Dragon.


Since he was born in Leethers and his race became extinct he was sent to Earth then Kreepton. He use to train with his father how to fight and Transform and he was the one who killed King Creeps. He was the first Humanoid Dragon ever borned and became evil. He was the friend of Herobrine and Stronger than him by a percent.


The Leether Dragon is an evil and strong Dragon known in history today. He is 1% Stronger than Herobrine and the enemy of all Creepers and Humans. He is very strong that even a Dragon is too weak for him. He is feared by Animals. Probably Goku or Cell cannot beat him. He is part of a Greytonian.



He was killed by Kreepah who became overraged and used a Fire Charge like Spirit Bomb at him.

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