this doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction

Leether Ghast

Leether Ghast

are the Bigger and Stronger Version of Possible Ghasts that are found in the Leethers. They do not make many noises like Regular Ghasts, they take a Minute to Moan. Its Moaning is Deeper than all Creeper. When hit, they Scream loudly like ghasts and kill the Player shooting TNT explosion Ghast Balls none stop. Like Possible Ghasts, Creepers, Skeletons and Spiders they come out at night but from from Caverns.


Leether Ghasts' damage is like a creeper Explosion and It's health and strength is 6x stonger than regular Ghasts. Their explosive Ghast Balls are like Blood Magnet (Follows a player or player's bodyguard or pet anywhere). The best weapon to kill one is a Bow (especially Fire Aspect or Flame). When dead they drops Leether Soup, a Leether Mushroom and Glowstone Dust.


They are only found in the Leethers in deep Cavern and Cavern Ravines.

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