This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction.

Leether Soup

Leether's national dish

Leether Soup
or Leether's Stew is a dish in minecraft like the Mushroom Stew. It can be crafted by combining a Mushroom Stew with a Golden Nugget or by "milking" a Moogold with a bowl. When eaten, each bowl of stew restores 7 and 7.2 hunger saturation.


They can be crafted by combining a Mushroom Stew with a Golden Nugget.

As an Ingredient

In Ingredients they are used for Brewing.


  • If the player haves Leether Flowers and bowl, they can get to craft a Leether Soup
  • The bowl is returned to the player empty after the stew has been eaten, and can be re-used to craft more just like Milks and Mushroom Stew.
  • If the player has access to a Moogold, Leether stew can be obtained trivially in unlimited supply, with no further effort required and no resources expended.
  • Since Moogolds are the most popular mob in the Leethers, you can get to milk them using a bowl.


  • Leether Soup does not restore as much saturation as cooked meats, so the player will have to eat slightly more frequently.
  • While the ingredients and bowls stack, the bowls of stew do not stack in the inventory.

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