Leviabrine may look like normal Herobrine while in passive mode, but once you attack him, he will grow a giant mouth with knife-like teeth that can tear the player to shreds. This is a required boss in The Arena stronghold. This is interestingly the first Herobrine that ever existed, it even existed before the mobs.



This attack explains itself. If hit by it, you lose 2 health (1 <3) and Leviabrine will gain 4 health (2 <3)


The mob throws a splash potion of weakness at the player. The potion stats vary on the stats of the player.


The mob summons Red Fire and throws it at the player. This attack rarely misses and you burn for 10 seconds.


This is rare attack and more of a defense than attack. The mob will resist half of your damage.


Self explanitory. The mob will disappear for 30 seconds and may attack you, though the damage it deals while invisible is considered suffocation damage.

Other Stats

Health: 500 (250 <3)

Weapon: Heroblade

Weaknesses: Borax, Heroblade and Sword Of The Forlorn

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