Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

Lightning Creepers are one of the toughest mobs in Minecraft to defeat
Lightning Creeper Remake

Lightning Creeper

and one of the most annoying. They are smarter than other mobs and will devise plans to initially damage miner's belongings, making them very destructive. Extreme caution is advised when approaching one; they can and will detonate.


Lightning Creepers have double the speed of a spider and pose the dangerous ability to control where and when bolts of lightning will strike. The fire caused by their bolts will not go out, thus is capable of starting a forest fire. However, their bolts do less damage when striking a miner than a normal bolt of lightning does. One trap is to wait for a miner and then a pack strikes all at once. When they blow up, it causes bolts to temporarily be flying everywhere, but do not catch fire. When there is a Lightning Creeper nearby, it immediatly starts raining.


Lightning Creepers tend to be very slow when swimming in water, and cannot throw bolts at miners while swimming, making them an easy target with a bow and arrow. They also have very low health, as just three hits from bare hands will immediatly dispatch them. If they strike a pig with one of their own bolts, the Zombie Pigman will immediatly charge for the

Lightning Creeper

Lightning Creeper Minecraft skin. (Made by BrunoMuniz999)

Lightning Creeper and easily destroy it.


Lightning Creepers tend to be found mostly in high mountain areas, but can typically be spotted anywhere. When in the Desert, they can't strike with lightning because it doesn't rain in deserts. They are not found underground or in water. They are about as rare as wolves. When found in the day, they ignore miners. But at night, they are very dangerous. Because they live in the Mountain biome, they can be seen fighting Flying Creepers, Mountain Creepers, and the dragon-like Skaidron


Lightning Creepers can intially strike without warning, so following these tips should make them less likely to cause damage:

  • Lightning Creepers cannot catch fire to Cobblestone, Obsidian, or Mycelium, therfore making a wall over structures prevents wooden buildings to burn down.
  • Cats can chase away Lightning Creepers, so keeping one sitting by a house will scare them away.