Lua-Lua is  the Creeper personification of the moon. She is the oldest legend known, supposedly coming before Zonu was born. According to popular belief, she lives in the moon and comes out in a physical form when one summons a Lunar Scythe.

Myths & Legends

From the word of the ancients, Lua-Lua was among Sol, Gea, and Atmo who supposedly were born when the Earth was formed. Lua-Lua controlled the night and the moon, but was soon greedy and wanted every day to be night. She fought against Sol for hundreds of years, but eventually Sol won and Lua-Lua was banished to live in the moon.

The exact time when the myths surrounding these creepers is unknown or whether they truly exist or not, but it is estimated to start about a few years after Creepers came to Minecraftia.

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