Lylan flag

Lylan Flag

Lylans are one of the minor races in Minecraft.


Lylans are very poetic and peaceful people, and are the composers of a lot of songs, themes, anthems, and others. They are natural singers, and are not afraid to stand up and say what is right. They have a rather bad reputation among other races and fear battles due to their ancestor being Alyx. Lylans are very talkitive among themselves, but they get nervous around other races, especially young Lylans. They are easily offended, tricked, or mislead by others, thus it is not unusual to see completely innocent Lylans following the "bad guys" around and listening to what they say. They are extremely rare today.

Even though they are hated on a lot, everyone has agreed that no person including those hated races would ever deserve to be intentionally intoxicated by Gamma Venom. Anyone who is caught intoxicating anyone of any race with Gamma Venom is sentenced to death.

Famous Lylans

  • Aela
  • Olena
  • Rob


Lylans have no specific culture that they follow.


Lylans are scattered across the world and mixed with other races, but they are usually found wearing shirts with their flag colors or notes. They are naturally tall and thin.


The Lylan flag is a medium blue with a gold spot in the middle.

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