Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.but they do exist in skins and mods

Magma Creepers are very similar to regular creepers
Magma creeper remake

Magma Creeper

, but they have an immunity to taking damage from fire or lava. They can be found commonly in The Nether or near pools of lava. There name doesn't have anything to do about Magma Cubes.


Magma Creepers do not attack the player, but will chase other mobs like skeletons and zombies. They are able to stay under lava for thirty seconds until they start to drown. They swim as fast as they walk. Magma Creepers avoid water and they take damage from standing in it, including when it is raining. They have the inability to blow up.


Magma Creepers spawn in groups of three to four anywhere near lava, which makes them very common in The Nether. They cannot, however, be found underground.

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