Magma spear

A Magma Spear

A Magma Spear is a fairly strong weapon that can be crafted with a Magma Fang. They work best in BlackDown. The spear tip has a glow similar to the enchanted glow.

Minecraft magma spear crafting grid

crafting grid for Magma Spear


Magma Spears have 120 uses and are simply used to hit mobs. When in the overworld, they deal 3 1/2 <3. However, when in BlackNether, they deal 7 <3 and 5 <3 when 2/3 damaged. They can stack in 16. Whenever the player hits a mob with a Magma Spear, there is an 88% chance that whatever got hit will receive venom with the same effects as a Cave Spider's venom.

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