Mechania is a dimension acessable after beating the Corrupted Ghast, inside AND outside of the overworld. Can be Accessed by creating an end-portal-esque frame of iron blocks with redstone on the iron blocks. This will activate the portal. In this world, The hight limit is 18002.


Mecha Skeleton


Mecha Creeper

Mecha Wither Skeleton (Kinda Rare, Uncommon in Mecha Nether)

Mecha Slime (Only Layers 700 and lower)

Mecha Wolf (Tagia, Forest)

Mecha Pig

Mecha Cow

Mecha Sheep

Mecha Mooshroom (Super common in mushroom biomes, Ultra rare otherwise)

Mecha Enderman (Rare, Super Common in Meca End)

Mecha Zombie Pigman (Mecha Nether Only)

Mecha Ghast (Mecha Nether Only)

Mecha Blaze (Mecha Nether only)

Mecha Wither (Summonable Boss)

Mecha Silverfish (Strongholds, Monster Eggs)

Mecha Ender Dragon (Mecha End only, Mecha End 1st boss)

Mecha Ender Steve (Mecha End 2nd boss)

Mecha Spider Jockey (Super rare)

Mecha Cave Spider (Spawners in Abandoned Mineshafts)

Mecha Cave Spider Jockey (Abandoned Mineshafts, Super Rare)

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