reNote that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.
Mime enderman remake

Mime Enderman. Note the Steve texture.

Mime Endermen are strange, humanoid mobs occasionally found in the Overworld. They are disguised as Steve and uses the same skin texture. When hit, he makes the same "Ooh!" pain sound as the player. His death sound is the same of an Enderman, and once killed, he turnes into a regular enderman in hostile mode.


Mime Endermen do not make any idle sounds and there is a 1/6 chance an Enderman in the Overworld will be spawned as a Mime Enderman. They will follow the player once they see him/her but do not have any hostile reaction to looking at them. When attacked, they flee.


Mime Endermen are not found in The End, but are only seen in the Overworld. There is usually about one Mime Enderman per group when spawned at night.

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