Mime Wither

Is this Steve's Wither?

Mime Withers are the only Bosses rarely found in empty Caverns located in Calfloward. The Player can summon them with the regular build configuration (T-shape of Soul Sands and Human heads), however they automaticaly morph into Mime Withers when being summoned in their home region.


Mime Withers are Buildable Withers that resembles Steve but 49% stronger than ordinary Withers. They are the only Calfloward Bosses. It does the same thing as a regular Withers but can shoot Explosive Human Heads that causes Slowness and Lack of Hunger. They do not harm passive Mobs exept for Villagers, Sheep, Cows and Pigs. When they're harmed, they will have the same skin as steve. The best way to kill them is with Splash Potion of Harming (while withers you use Splash Potion of Healing). When killed it drops 1-2 Mime Apples.  


Mime Withers are rarely found in Calfloward in Caverns. They can also be summonable but only in Calfloward.

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