Minelantis buildings

This isn't really in Minecraft. It's fan-fiction. For the legend, see here .

Minelantis is an underwater kingdom that can only be reached through a Minelantis portal, which is created once you defeat the Sea Serpent.

Physical description

All the land is made of sand, and it is mostly flat with some small hills. There is seaweed, and Mer-people swim around, as well as Mer-creepers and Sandermen at night. The sun can be seen, as well as the moon, but bothare blurry and have a greenish tint. The buildings are marble, and Greek-styled, with pillars and columns, and some have air inside. Sometimes you find an "air well", which looks like a well but has air in it. You will float around a bit but not to the surface. Sometimes you will find a current, which will take you to a different section.

How to get there

Once you defeat the Sea Serpent, a watery portal made of seaweed blocks appears. Entering this takes you to Minelantis.

Other facts

Using water buckets has no effect, and lava buckets immeadiately turn to obsidian/cobblestone. Rarely you can see boats overhead, and sometimes whales. Squid and fish are often seen swimming around. If you swim straight up, you will come up in the water next to your portal (as the portal always appears over water). Spawned mobs (other than squids or Iron Golems or stuff like that) will drown, as will the player in Survival (unless you enter an air-filled building).


  • Mer-people
  • Mer-creepers
  • Sandermen
  • Squids
  • Fish
  • Whales
  • Sea-Wither (boss)


The boss is optional and is basically the Wither, sea-version. It has the same build, only with seaweed blocks instead of soul sand and 2 mer-creeper heads. He has the same Wither attacks, only with exploding seaweed that has green "fire". He can be defeated by the same ways as the Wither.

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