Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.
Mist creeper remake

Mist Creeper

Mist Creepers are a rare hybrid that have only been seen in abandoned mineshafts. They were born from a Ghost Creeper and a Shadow Creeper. They can appear and vanish like Ghost Creepers, but retain the stealth and sneakiness from Shadow Creepers. They can and will be affected by the Spirit Scythe.


You can tell where a Mist Creeper is by looking for pale clouds of fog. When seen in their true form, they emit lots of fog, then vanish. Their other form is their Mist Form, which looks like a cloud of fog. They are used to sneaking up on miners, then scare them with a hiss. They do not actually fight miners, but like to get their reactions from startling them. They can be annoying for scaring miners in thinking there is a creeper behind them. Because they are part ghost, they are mostly non-solid.


When forced to go aboveground or near light, they become solid, which makes them vulnerable to attack. They hover right over water, lava, and fire, but will take extra fall damage.


Mist Creepers are only found in Abandoned Mineshafts, surrounding the air with a hazy veil alerting their presence. Mist Creepers will chase away Cave Spiders, making them useful in a way. Mist Creepers are not found with newborns.