Mjin (MEE-shin) is a rare Nocturnan species that hunt Terrordactyls and Ghandras as prey, however they are hunted by Htarlran. They are specially adapted to be able to camoflague themselves like a chameleon. They are almost impossible to kill once they are looked at. They are one of the few Nocturnan animals that do not appear distorted and can be seen as their regular forms by the mortal eye.

Some people think that they originated from a dingo's Oblivion Timeline and were put on Nocturna in order to guard it for some future purpose by a gang of Oblivion Creepers.


Mjin will stare at the Player when approached in a 60 block radius and focus on nothing else. They only move when turning to face the direction the Player is standing. They do not react, and if the Player stares at them for too long, they will slowly freeze from necromatic ice that changes colors often that starts around their feet, then slowly grows upward. They can tell when they are about to be frozen when the Mjin starts smiling. Once frozen, only their neck is left, and the Mjin attacks their target in the unfrozen spot when they are frozen everywhere else and kill them. It is very difficult to break the ice and requires a powerful angelic blade. If the player stares at them, then turns their back on the Mjin before they freeze, the Mjin will attack the player. The longer they stare at them, the harder it becomes to look away. Often, people are too scared to turn away from their green-yellow gaze because the Mjin supposedly is looking past their body and into their soul. This is not believed by everyone, however, and most think that a Nocturnan made it up to scare others. Mjin are otherwise very deadly, whether they look at spirits or not, and take a lot of strength and stamina to slay.

Demonic Mjin

There has been attempts made by Defominums, Deatharians,
Demonic Mjin

Demonic Mjin

Scourgans, and Followers of Rholn to create a frenzied, demonic version of Mjin. Sadly, their attempts both succeeded and failed. They created the horrible beast, but it never obeyed them and ended up killing some of the followers and Scourgans. Every group of Mjin spawned has a 1% chance to spawn as a Demonic Mjin instead of a regular one. They are twice as big as the regular species and can kill the player in one hit if they touch its constantly-moving 'arms'. When they look into their eyes for ten seconds, the player immediatly dies. They have twice more health than Mjin.


Mjin, and their demonic counterpart, roam only in Nocturna.

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