This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction


Leether Cow

Moogolds, Golden Cows or Leether'
 Cattles are Passive Mobs found in the Leethers. They are like Regular Cows but they are Golden. They are the primary source of leather (gold dyed (orange and yellow) ), milk and raw beef.


Leether Cows have Golden skin with white spots. All cows have a pair of horns on their head.


Like the Cows, Possible Cow and Mooshrooms, Moogolds roam in the Leether, usually in herds of 4 to 10 (however it is not uncommon to find a lone cow). They tend to walk around slowly and aimlessly, mooing, but they will flee and jump wildly if attacked. They also tend to jump off high cliffs (and die in the process). Possible Cattles make no attempt tostay out of water and will follow the player when he/she is holding Leether Mushroom, which is used for breeding.


Unlike Regular Cows, Possible Cows and Mooshrooms, Possible Cattles can be bred or can follow the Leether Mushroom. The parent cows have a delay of 5 minutes until they can breed again. Calves will follow their parents or other adult cows until they're fully grown. A calf looks similar to an adult cow, but its body is smaller while the head remains the normal size of a full adult possible cow.

Possible Calves move faster and take 22 minutes to fully grow. They do not drop anything when killed.


Trapping a herd of Moogolds in an enclosed area and breeding them is beneficial to the player. Moogolds drop more types of useful resources than all other passive mobs.

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