Mountain Creepers are above-altitude roaming variations of
Mountain creeper remake

Mountain Creeper

their green-coloured cousins. They are highly territorial and are only found by themselves. They are hard to find and will chase miners away if they see them.


Mountain Creepers will chase away anything that gets near or in their territiory, and each Mountain Creepers has a small branch of space. If a miner does not leave one's territory, they will start to attack. They like to pounce on their targets and then try to push them off high cliffs. To hunt prey, they continue to pounce on them. They can sometimes be seen attacking Flying Creepers, Lightning Creepers, and Skaidrons to get them off their territory.


Mountain Creepers are 2.5x slower than a normal creeper, and also focus too much on bulk than brains or speed. Outsmarting them is rather simple once a miner knows their weaknesses.


Mountain Creepers live at high peaks, and there is a higher chance of finding them if the area is covered in snow. It is impossible to find a pair or children, so miners don't need to worry about being ganged up on by angry Mountain Creepers.


Following these tips should make Mountain Creepers relatively easy to handle:

  • Mountain Creepers will die in one hit of an Iron Sword due to their low health.
  • Hit a Mountain Creeper before it attacks you; they will only growl and push you at first sight.