Mourning phantom

A Mourning Phantom in the shape of a Vytl

Mourning Phantoms are mobs only found in Shirin. They only appear dead at midnight to before the first streak of sunlight rises. They are a different type of ghost that is not affected at all upon death by any means. They have a resistance to Spirit Scythes, but can still be killed by it. They are almost completely transparent and their outline is the only way to distinguish where they are.


Mourning Phantoms get their name from their constant song-like wails in the night that are in a ghostly language that is impossible to interpret. The songs have no real lyrics, just cries and pleads to empty air. They never interract with the player and only with other Mourning Phantoms. They tend to cluster around the area boss, Fractis'cantor. They can pass through blocks and mobs and do not take fall damage, lava damage, burn damage, potion effects, drowning, or any other environmental cause of natural death from mobs or the Player. They drop nothing when killed, not even XP. Because they don't fight back, they posess their own type of behavior sometimes called Nonchalant.


Mourning Phantoms are found only in Shirin and start to spawn around midnight.

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