You blew us up to this place, I'm Gonna Transform! - Mr. Negative to Blooper the Blue

"Hahahaha!! My second form and I am a very powerful Greytonian!" - Mr. Negative to the creeper crew.
Boss - Copy (2)

The man who is 50% weaker than Haskoradom

Mr. Negative is a Greytonian that came to the Creepy Zone to spawn Cats and appeared in Kreepah and Friends: Cat Nap. He is like Haskoradom that can transform to any mob but stronger. He is very destructive and Unfriendly.


Mr. Negative is a non inomitable spirit man who is Negative (as his name) that decreases populations. Mr. Negative is a combination of Haskoradom and Deatharians.  He was the one who killed Blooper the Blue. He is the father of Mr. Negative Jr. also known as Young Negative, he raised him to do the same as him but worse. He is known as the most famous Greytonian as today.


After killing Blooper the Blue, Iceillma, Blooper's Girlfriend,  became overraged. She shot him in one of his face (as a wither) and throw him back down in Planet Kreepton. When the Creepers and the Cats landed too, she blew him up.

If he was in the Game

If he was in the Game he would of:

Destroy Players

He would turn into a Creeper and explode like a Wither restoring its health when created. He would of also turn into a Wither and destroy like a normal Wither but Stonger, even stronger than a Quencher.

Harm Mobs

He would of killed mobs (especially Villagers) and Move on.

Steal Players' Treasures

When he finished killing any Player, he will take their remaining treasures. The treasures he will take up are Gunpowder, Arrows or Items that were in Ores.


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