Nether Herobrine is the boss of The Nether.
Nether herobrine

Nether Herobrine

He can only be challenged by defeating Herobrine for the third time. He is the Nether equillivant of Herobrine of the overworld.

Some people think that he comes from Herobrine's Oblivion Timeline and had events forced in from his timeline with Herobrine's by an infamous gang of Oblivion Creepers for some pupose possibly related to The Monster.

Similarities and Differences Between Herobrine and Nether Herobrine


  • They both have a mustache resembles a smile, similar hairstyle and they both had blank eyes.
  • Their powers are almost the same.
  • They both use fires.
  • They both are evil creatures.
  • They both are undead creatures.


  • They both lives in a different dimension.
  • Herobrine wears dark blue jeans and light blue t-shirt while the Nether version of 'him' wears the black t-shirt and red jeans.
  • Nether Herobrine cannot visit Minecraftia but the original Herobrine can.
  • Herobrine do not have wings behind his back but the Nether Herobrine do have wings behind his back.
  • Rains can hurts Nether Herobrine but it cannot hurt the original Herobrine.
  • Although they are very dangerous, Nether Herobrine seems to be slightly coward than the original Herobrine. As when he lost against the player, he tells them to spare his life while the original tells them to kill him instead.


Nether Herobrine, or commonly known as 'Zane', is the altered version of his brother. In fact, he was an experiment in a lab after taking Herobrine's DNA and combining it with a Wither's DNA to geneticly design Zane. However, they purely wanted him as a slave and ended up with their lab destroyed because they had underestimated him. Zane supposedly created Nether Fortresses and befriended the Nether mobs.


Zane is approximatly as strong as Ender Steve. When The Player enters the Nether and finds a Nether Fortress, a cutscene will play.

(Cutscene lines)

The Player: *walks in* Huh. Time to kill some Blazes. I need more potions.

  • The Player walks in and finds three Blazes shooting at a Ghast, completely ignoring him/her*

Blazes: *huffing angiry*

The Player: ?

Ghast: Raaaaaaaauuh! *flies away*

Blazes: *turn to see The Player* *grunts*

  • The player steps back and draws out a sword*
  • a yell echoes, and the blazes immediatly scatter in randomm directions*

Unknown Voice: Stop it! What did I tell you about fighting amongst yourselves?!

The Player: Uh...hello?

Unknown Voice: Wha? Who's there?

The Player: *steps back* J-just a p-p-person.

Unknown Voice: *grumbles half to himself* What is it that people want with me now?

The Player: Who are you?

  • A shadow steps out, and Zane appears*

Zane: What's with the sword? You came to destroy me again, didn't you?

The Player: What do you mean "again"?

Zane: *snarling voice* So they sent another one? Will I never hear the end of humanity's hatred against one innocent EXPERIMENT? *hisses out 'experiment'*

The Player: Look, this is a misunderstanding, you see, there were some Bla-

Zane: *interrupts* You call THIS a misunderstanding? A geneticaly engineered slave? I don't even know who I am anymore. Let's get this over with.

(end of cutscene)

Zane will swoop up in the sky and then charge back down like an Ender Dragon. He is immune to projectiles when flying. Occasionaly he'll land and use a Golden Sword to attack, sometimes switching between a Wither and Herobrine. The last cutscene will play when Zane has lost all his hearts.

(cutscene lines)

  • Zane yells and is knocked to the ground*

Zane: *coughs* so humanity has finally finished me. So my purpose was to? be defeated? from the start at age 16.

The Player: I never intended on fighting you. I was after the Blazes.

Zane: *angrily looks at him/her* So you were trying to get my friends?

The Player: Well...yeah.

  • Zane transformes into a Wither*

Wither Zane: I've had enough of you.

  • Zane sets down a yellowish green TNT and ignites it*

The Player: What's that? TNT?

Zane: *transforms back into human form* This is nuclear TNT. Much more powerful. Better run, kid. *disappears*

(end of Cutscene)

Nuclear TNT is a greenish version of TNT that will blow up anything within a 50-block radius. The Player has 10 seconds to run away and leave the nether.

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