Nether Vytl

Nether Vytl

Nether Vytls are the Nether equivalent of normal Vytls. Their behavior is quite similar to a ghast. Unlike regular Vytls, however, they do not drop Vytl Mist or XP orbs.


Nether Vytls are Neutral at first, but if any nether mob is attacked within a 40-block radius of the Nether Vytl, they charge at the attacker and hurl fire balls that explode on impact. They sometimes acompany ghasts and shoot fireballs at whatever the ghast shoots at. Nether Vytls will fly away if there is a water-mob in reach. When killed, they drop 0-3 Nether Claws.


Nether Vytls spawn in the Nether, having a 36% chance of spawning on every 4x4 area of Netherrack.


  • Nether Vytls are shockingly similar to Dynonns; both have no legs, serpentine bodies, dark grey, the ability to fly, lime eyes, and fire-like mist protruding from their back

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