Nightmare Dynonn

Nightmare Dynonn

Nightmare Dynonn are the strongest type of Dynonn and one of the few. They are the same size as normal Dynonns, but their screeches are much louder and the fire they ignite with is blue, and burns through every type of block. They also move much faster (x12) and have the most health of any non-boss mob in the game. They are only seen by morphing an Eye of Fire into a Dynonn.

Some people think that Nightmare Dynonns are actually the Oblivion Timeline-equivalent of regular Dynonns and that they are for the purpose of "foot soldiers" for The Monster, set up by an infamous gang of Oblivion Creepers .


Nightmare Dynonn do not attack at first and simply fly around right at morph, but after about 15 seconds, they will start to charge at the player while shooting blue fireballs. They have 40,000 <3 and their fireballs deal 70 <3 upon contact. The explosion left from a fireball is five times bigger than a charged Creeper's and lights everything nearby on Blue Fire, which spreads at blinking speed. ANY physical contact made with the Nightmare Dynonn (if the player doesn't die first) will cause ignition forever until the burning mob/player dies. If the red crystal on their neck is destroyed, their health is depleted to 8,750 <3. However, since they are always moving, it is hard to break the crystal, plus the crystal has health of its own (20 <3).

When Nightmare Dynonn are killed (this may take awhile), they drop a lot of items that might lag the game if not picked up as well as a shower of XP.


Nightmare Dynonn must be morphed from a Dynonn by right-clicking one with an Eye of Fire.

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