Nocturna is one of the very few identified planets other than Earth. It holds many strange, powerful, corrupt, creepy, and deadly monsters, beasts, creatures, and stalkers that kill anything that is foreign. Most of the animals there are beyond human comprehension and appear only as a cloud of black fog having no shape whatsoever. However, Derikas with powerful sight are able to see their true forms. There are hundreds upon thousands of Nocturnan animals, but few Nocturnan humans, the population as little as 12,000.


One of the most interesting features on Nocturna is the fact that, although very hard to describe, is somewhat like there is two overlapping over each other. One is Nocturna itself, and the other is like a ghostly dimension that normally cannot be seen. The 'other Nocturna' has randomly elevated ground, and sometimes the transparent forms of animals can be seen walking over it. This is why most Nocturnan animals look like they are walking on air.

Most animals on Nocturna have their true form and their distorted form. Without being a Derika or having powerful sight, they appear as their distorted form, which otherwise looks like a cloud of formless black or lesser colored fog, smoke, or air. Some appear more distorted than others, and few are visible clearly by anyone, such as Terrordactyls.

Nocturna has a very thick atmosphere, but it is not made up of oxygen or nitrogen. It is made up of carbon dioxide and a unique element called letaligen. It is from the latin word letalis, meaning "deathly". Letaligen makes up 61.4% of Nocturna's atmosphere and kills any carbon-based (or any earth animal) life that happens to get there. However, because the Nocturnan animals are highly distorted, have no organs, and neither dead nor alive, they can survive under the huge amount of lethal life-choking air. Also, because they are used to the airless environment, Nocturnan animals die when transported to Earth because they cannot survive under the pressure of it's gravity and the life-supporting atmosphere. Humans with Nocturnan heritage find it difficult to stay on Earth, yet they do not die because they still are part human.

Nocturna has no dimensions. Because of this, all animals, monsters, and beasts live on Nocturna and nowhere else. Very, very few Nocturnan people are able to reach Earth, and usually don't stay long.

Nocturna is huge. It is 13x larger than Earth and despite it's size, it actually has less gravity than Earth. Why is unknown. It is known to break the laws of physics as well as the animals, usually being the opposite of what a planet should be. Because it is so big, it is hard to find Nocturnan humans since they are forced to be spread out.





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