Nova Bow

Nova Bows (often mistakenly called Gold Bows) are items that are held and dropped by killing a Nova Skeleton. Oddly, they do not work in any other dimension excluding the Overworld and Novacios. They are seen as an upgraded version of regular bows and, in particular, can be crafted by surrounding an unused bow with a ring of Nova Gunpowder or three Nova Ingots and three Nova String in the same fashion as crafting a regular bow.


Nova Bows never run out of arrows. This makes them extremely useful against fighting the Ender Dragon or other flying mobs so they will not worry about loosing all of their arrows. The arrows shot out of Nova Bows fly 3x faster and deal 7-12 <3 in a headshot or direct hit. If the enemy is struck in the legs or arms, the initial damage will be between 4-8 <3. Nova Bows wear out twice as slow as regular bows, meaning that they have 770 uses before breaking rather than a regular bows' 385. A shhhrraaaa sound is heard when shooting an arrow. If the arrow hits a block, the arrow will explode and leave behind a crater about as big as a creeper's, sometimes catching it on fire if the block(s) are flammable.

The only downsides to using a Nova Bow in combat is that they cannot be enchanted with anything expect Flame I, and go haywire when it is brought in other dimensions, similar to a compass pointing in every direction when in the Nether.

I have a nova bow

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