Nova Skeleton

Nova Skeletons are a very common mob in Novacios and found extremely rarely in the Overworld. They weild Nova Bows and, oddly, self-destruct.


Nova Skeletons will jump and sprint in a circle around their target and rapidly shoot arrows from their Nova Bow. When in a close range, they fire faster. Unlike any other skeleton, when low in health they curl up and in about 10 seconds, they detonate a crater as big as a Nova Creeper's. If they are killed before they spontaneously combust, they drop a Nova Bow.


Nova Skeletons, in the Overworld, are found in Volcano Biomes only, and have a very small chance of spawning, being only 0.0000021% in every 20x20 radius, however they have a surprisingly high 80% in every 5x5 radius in Novacios.

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