Nova Spider

Nova Spiders are strange mobs that inhabit Novacios. Unlike other spiders, they have yellow eyes. They are twice as big as regular spiders and do not have a Nova Cave Spider counterpart.


Nova Spiders are extremely annoying for inexperienced players. They can leap four blocks high and run 1.67x faster than normal Spiders. When low in health, the yellow spots on their body and legs will start to glow. When they take even more damage, they curl up in a ball and slowly turn white, then they detonate in about 10 seconds. The crater left behind is as big as a Nova Creeper's. If they are killed before they explode, they drop Nova String and 12 XP orbs.


Nova Spiders do not spawn in the Overworld, despite the Nova Skeleton and Nova Creeper doing so. In Novacios, they have a lesser spawn rate, at 67% every 3x3 area unlike the Nova mobs' usual 80% for 5x5 area.

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