Nova Wither


Nova Withers are the second boss in Novacios. The Player must summon them with the regular build configuration (T-shape of Soul Sand and 3 Wither Skelly heads), however they automaticaly morph into Nova Withers when being summoned in their home region.


Nova Withers are not cutscene-bosses, and, in fact, behave almost exactly the same as normal Withers. However, they are 1.5x bigger, 1.5x faster, and their attack speed is also bumped up 50%. However, the projectiles themselves move slower. Nova Withers do not attack any other Nova mob, but will attack non-Nova mobs, even their own cousins the regular Withers. When killed, instead of flopping over on their side, they dissinegrate sort of like the Ender Dragon, then they start to hiss and will explode. The items left behind (that strangely weren't blown up) is a single Nova Star.


Nova Withers technically don't have a habitat since they are created, however they must be made in Novacios in order to turn into Nova Withers in the first place.

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