Minecraftian Water Serpent

Oceanic Serpent

Oceanic Serpents are a common mob found in any place underwater - ironicly, they spawn most often in oceans - and are hostile towards the player and most other mobs. If they run into a Marine Creeper, they do not fight. They are three times longer than a creeper lying down (they are 6 blocks long).


Oceanic Serpents will most oftenly coil around the Player and either drown them or suffocate them. They can use their tail as a whip, which does 4 <3. The Player takes 5 <3 every three seconds when suffocating from coilation. Oceanic Serpents, when underwater, are not affected by Fire Aspect swords or swords of flame. However, when given at least 50 seconds when they are trapped on land, their scales dry out and they can be set on fire. They have 25 <3 and, when killed, drop Water Buckets and fish.


Oceanic Serpents spawn anywhere that is underwater, in a 6 x 2 x 1 volume of water.

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