• What a mortal sees when they are looking at an Ocolit; they think it is just a cloud of smoke
  • What a sayora and skura sees when looking at an Ocolit
  • Real appearance of an Ocolit, what only Derikas can see

Ocolit (AW-so-lit) are common, deformed, armless Nocturnan mobs that often attack other Nocturnan mobs. They are found swimming under the lava pools often, waiting for something to fall in and die. They are more difficult to tame than other Nocturnan animals and are naturally aggressive towards anyone, even people with Nocturnan heritage. They are stubborn and don't like to get out of the lava often. They stick in trios, attacking whatever attacks them in groups.

Some people think that they originated from a spinosaurus' Oblivion Timeline and were put on Nocturna in order to guard it for some future purpose by a gang of Oblivion Creepers.


Ocolit will wait in pools of lava for long periods of time. Usually, in a rioting group of Nocturnan animals, one or more accidentaly fall in. All Nocturnan animals are immune to lava damage, but if held under for too long, they will suffocate. Ocolit will force prey under the surface and shove them to the bottom, making sure that they don't resurface. Ocolit, because they don't have hands, use their giant canines to bite and drag enemies down. If they are trapped on solid ground, they are rather clumsy and slow, but their blows can be powerful. They fight best under lava/magma, having speed and sight to their advantage. They are hard to slay because their scales must be extremely tough to resist the heat of fire and lava.


Ocolit only roam in Nocturna.

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