• Farmer
  • Shop Keeper
  • Librarian
  • Chemist
  • Craftsman/Craftswoman
  • Blacksmith

Omber Villagers, Omberlanders or Omberlandics are Passive, NPC Villagers live in Omberland. It is similar to the Regular NPC Villagers but they can sleep, mine, tie, and brew things.


Like regular Villagers, Omberlanders will randomly wander around the area of their village. They have no attack, but they do run from zombies and hide in their homes. A death of a villager does not affect nearby villagers' behavior, though if a player's popularity in the village is low, any natural Iron Golem nearby will attack the player. Omber Villagers have the ability to utilize doors and are therefore able to go in and out of houses. Unlike Regular Villagers, They can sleep, mine, tie, and brew things. Omber Villagers will hide in houses during the night, rain, or when chased by Zombies.



Craftsmen or Craftswomen are the villagers that mines and craft. They are very nervous especially when they see you holding a weapon.


Farmers are Villagers that farms and the only villager that can tie or untie Horses. They are shy like Craftsmen

Shop Keeper

Shop Keepers are like Butchers but sells anything for Golds, Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies or Sapphires.


Librarians sells, trades and crafts books. They likes Paper, Leathers and Compasses. They can pick Sugar Canes for crafting Papers.


They are very good at mining, crafting and smelting. They are very brave but are afraid of death. They hide their Gems, Apples, Saplings, Tools, Swords or their Armour.


They are like the Witch but is passive and loves to trade. They pick Melons and Sugar Canes for brewing potions. 


The Omber Zombie Villager look alike like Zombie Villagers. They reacts and are treated like them too.

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