Omicron is a destructor.  Please take extreme caution when fighting him.



, also known as Vann the Electrical, is a boss that resides in the overworld.  He is also a Harbinger.


Omicron is a stand-alone boss.  This means no bosses have to be killed in order to fight him.  However, to fight him, you must kill 40 Seadryns.  The first cutscene will play when the 40th Seadryn is defeated.

???: Gah! I can't take this any longer! YOU ARE DEAD!

  • The player is teleported onto an island*

Player: Show yourself, you abonimation!


  • Omicron shows himself*

Omicron: I'm Vann the electrical! And I will be your doom!

  • the battle begins*

Vann will force the weather to be Rain for as long as the fight lasts. He also has 100 health.  If you get too close to him, he will punch you, which does 7 damage. He can shoot balls of electricity at you and if they hit you, they do 4 damage and give you slowness. The next Phase begins when his health is down to 80.

Omicron: Very good effort, But how about this? *Summons a thunderstorm*

Player: What, by any chance would your other name happen to be Omicron?

Omicron: Do you know how much I HATE that name? But enough talk!

  • The second Phase begins*

Now the weather is a thunderstorm, but that is the only change here. The next cutscene will play when Vann has no health left.

Omicron: You win this round, But the rest of the fight will not be as easy.

  • Omicron Explodes, and the cutscene ends*

When the cutscene ends, you will get no reward, but you will get teleported back to your bed.

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