Ominoud Shade is not a boss, yet it shows cutscenes when you see one.



This is a shadow mob. It is very hard to kill, but its drops are worth the fight. This mob has 50 <3, but it can seemingly teleport around the player and wither them. They can also make you see previous battles you lost and confuse you by making duplicates of himself. (Although the duplicates only have 1 <.)

Fear Rating

Due to this shadow mob being one of the weaker ones, you would have a variety of fears. Theres no telling if you die or if you live and reap the drops from this mob.


This mob is often farmed (In groups, of course) for its variety of drops.

  • 0-3 Shadow Gem- 5% chance
  • 0-1 Paradoxian Amulet- 10% chance
  • 1-10 Rotten Flesh- 15% chance
  • 0-1 Destruction Sigil- 3% chance
  • 0-1 Catastrophic Katana- 2% chance
  • 0-5 Bone- 5% chance
  • TBC

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