The paradox demons are a tribe of monsters that, just like the ScourgeGang, speak Scourgis mostly. Although, they can speak english when they want to. They are high-healthed and can destroy players easily.

Mobs In Group


Death (Dragon) (A hydra that can kill players with bad armor easily)

Death (Human) (The demon form of death, much stronger and can kill inexperianced players without lifting a finger)

Deaths' Wither  (The wither that turned Death into a hydra bears the Collar Of Command)

Scourge Of Redblock (Scourgian Wither, was exiled from the ScourgeGang and became a Paradox Demon)

Demon Of Destruction (Shadow Mob, this boss is a boss that has rounds)

Death (Unknown) (This species death is in is unknown, it looks like a human but it isn't)

Regular Mobs

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