This does not exist in Minecraft, It's just fiction

Passive Creepah

Passive Creeper

Passive Creepers are creepers you can tame and does not do harm to anyone exept hostile mobs (when tamed). They are not afraid of cats when the player is around it.


Like other creepers (exept Cat Creeper) this creeper is tameable and passive. When feeding it 2 Gunpowder it is tamed. If there are other Passive Creepers there, they sorrounds you when one is tamed. They are 1% stronger than spiders, 5% stronger than Skeletons and 1% weaker than regular Creepers. When you hit them they would not explode on you, only on mobs they see. Iron Golems, Snow Golems and Sponge Golems cannot kill it nor tease it. They are feared by Bats, Squids and Silverfishes. 

Taming / Breeding

To tame them you need 2 Gunpowders. To breed them you need Glowstone Dusts. Their Young is 4x smaller than the adult and stronger than Skeletons.

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