The Pearl of Eternal Nether is a very valuable item dropped when
Pearl of eternal nether and stuff

Pearl of Eternal Nether

killing Haphasteus. Because of its usefulness, it has been nicknamed "Nether Ruby". It glows from red to black as if enchanted.


The Pearl of Eternal Nether can be crafted with four Gold Braces to make a Eternal Nether Legbrace. The Player can press R to phase through its many cycles.

The first cycle is red (image to the right). When right-clicked, it will turn a 3x3 area into Netherrack.

The second cycle changes from yellow to orange. When right-clicked, it will act like a lava bucket and places lava that cannot hurt the placer or burn up items, making it useful for mob traps.

The third cycle is brownish grey. When right-clicked, it will turn a 3x3 area into Soul Sand.

The fourth cycle is black with speckles of grey. When left-clicked, it will shoot a Wither Skull that has the same effects as one shot by a wither itself, but with both types of skulls comined into a dark blue. When right-clicked, it will spawn a Wither that will obey the Player and have the same behavior pattern as a dog. But much more dangerous.

The fifth cycle is white. When left-clicked, it shoots a Ghast Fireball. When right-clicked, it will spawn a Ghast that obeys the player.

The sixth cycle is very dark red. When left-clicked, it shoots three Blaze Fireballs. When right-clicked, it spawns a Blaze that obeys the player.

The seventh cycle is pink, grey, and green. When right-clicked, it spawns three Zombie Pigmen that obey the player and attack anything else that attacks them in a group.

The eighth and last cycle is orange and black. When right-clicked, it spawns a full-sized Magma Cube that obeys the player.

Note that if the player presses F, it will cycle between Corrupted versions of the mob-spawning cycles, meaning that the Player can spawn a group of obediant Wither Dragons to destroy almost anything. The only Nether mob that the Pearl of Eternal Nether cannot spawn is a Wither Skeleton/Jockey. The spawner of the nether mobs cannot be hurt by them, even if he/she hits them. When held in the hotbar, it will increase damage done with bows and swords by 5 <3.

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