Phantanian Bow

Phantom Bow

Phantom Bows are rare drops from killing a Phantom Skeleton. They are very powerful and can kill most mobs in one hit. It does not use regular arrows (although it can, but it will fire them as a regular bow would) and will work best with Phantom Arrows. The arrows fired will be most effective in Phantania, but can work in other dimensions too.


Phantom Bows initially deal 10 <3 and inflict a random effect on the entity while also making them take damage over time. They are super effective against other Phantom mobs, and instead the arrows deal 18 <3 and a stronger damage-over-time effect. They also automatically make a mob and it's drops have an 80% chance of coming and five of it is dropped (if the drops are more than five, then it stays the same). If the Player drops it on the ground, any mobs in a 5x5 radius will take damage.

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