Phantom Skaidron

Phantom Skaidron

Phantom Skaidrons are very dangerous mobs that possess many abilities. They only spawn in Phantania, usually alone. They have 50 <3 and can be potentially life-threatning without the right tools to fight it with.


Phantom Skaidrons often accompany Phantom Dragons or Phantom Hydras in Phantania, rarely spawning on their own. When they spot a player, they lunge at them and try to bite them. If successfull, the Player receives an effect much like the Wither effect. They also lash out with their tails that react like arrows striking a player - sometimes the tail spikes detatch and stick to the player, which does damage when they move - and can be a nuisance when trying to fight. They are easy to burn, and they take doubled damage when on fire or with contact in lava. When they are around Phantom Dragons/Hydras, they become more powerful and their health is doubled as well as their size. When killed, they have a 20% chance to drop Phantom Spikes.


Phantom Skaidrons spawn only in Phantania, usually around Phantom Dragons or Hydras.

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