Phantom Spider

Phantom Spider

Phantom Spiders are very dangerous mobs that possess various abilities. They only spawn in Phantania, usually alone. They have 75 <3 and can be potentially life-threatning without the right tools to fight it with. The only way to tell them apart from normal spiders is their abmormaly large size and their red stomach.


Phantom Spiders can see things up to 200 blocks away (twice the radius of a Ghast) and will stalk up on whatever catches their interest. When in a 10 block radius, they will charge at the player 3x faster than the Player's sprinting speed and inflict the 

Phantom spider

Phantom spider Minecraft skin. (made by BrunoMuniz999)

Wither effect. They are transparent and can be seen through. You can see their eyes in the dark, which helps to pinpoint their location. They can jump as high as 12 blocks, however do not take fall damage unless they fall from a 30 block height. When they are about to die, they start to send hallucinations to the player that will effectively confuse them. When killed, they drop 0-2 Phantasmic String.


Phantom Spiders live only in Phantania, having a 40% spawn rate every 12 x 12 block radius. They are fairly rare.

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